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Project Management & Staff Expertise

SFC is strongly committed to delivering quality products and services within cost, schedule, and technical targets. To achieve this, we apply standards and best practices in project management and provide a depth of staff experts.  SFC relies on a lean organization with an agile management structure and highly skilled staff. SFC staff members provide a depth of experience working with PeopleSoft specifically, as well as ERP implementations and IT support.  

At SFC, principles of agile software development play a critical role in how we structure implementations, allowing our team to break down larger efforts into smaller segments so that working valuable software can be delivered in a shorter timeframe. Additional functionality is rolled out at a rapid but sustainable pace. Working software is delivered frequently in weeks rather than the large phased approach spread over several months. This rapid managed change helps reduce risk by allowing faster course correction throughout the process.  In addition, the schedule is less intrusive to client staff as it distributes the time periods where users will be assisting with requirements definition, user acceptance testing (UAT) or the training that occurs prior to go-live. SFC recognizes Client Staff will have their normal workload during the implementation time period and the implementation related tasks will be an additional draw on their available time, and we will be very conscious of time expectations.

Our team is organized into three groups: Functional Resources, Technical Resources, and Support Resources.  We recognize that project success depends on our ability to quickly staff each task with the right mix of subject matter and strategic technical expertise. We offer requisite technical and functional skill sets, as well as providing critical experience and familiarity with PeopleSoft and other IT functions that may be required.  

SFC has proven ability to acquire affiliate resources, to increase our capabilities for both technical and domain expertise on either a short-term or a long-term basis. These capabilities include resources with PeopleSoft  experience and insight as well as those with expertise in enterprise architecture, wireless solutions, knowledge management, information assurance, identity management, and business intelligence. These resources will be made available as needed to support implementation. 


Technical Support

SFC’s technical support provides the expertise of a dedicated technical system administrator. These tasks include but are not limited to 

  • Troubleshooting programs or technical programming languages used in the application stack.
  • Managing servers
  • Patching
  • Database performance monitoring
  • Database tuning


Production Support

SFC provides resources to assist staff day-to-day with issues that hinder their ability to complete their work. SFC uses a tiered help desk structure where all discrepancy reports, system issues, modification requests and other help desk issues are prioritized and assigned to a functional area.  

SFC production support cover items ranging, but not limited to

  • Year end close support
  • Financial audit support
  • System modification request and discrepancy reports
  • Proactive monitoring of key areas
  • Ad hoc queries
  • Daily review of the Issue and Resolution Log created throughout the testing and training phases. 
  • Reconciliation support
  • Fine tuning of Configuration & Programs 
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting transaction processing, data reconciliation, accounting, and system config issues
  • Supporting PS Query and nVision production support, developing new queries and nVision reports to assist the clients reporting and reconciling requirements

In order to provide optimal balance in meeting the needs and desires of the client in the areas of both service and cost, Service First Consulting presents multi-level service options: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each builds on the other in providing additional hours of support allowing the client to select which is the best fit for their needs.  


SFC’s goal for training is to ensure that all participants have the necessary knowledge of PeopleSoft by: 

  • Teaching staff how to maximize use of software to accomplish their work; both for upgrading core functions and for new modules being introduced 
  • Training staff on the new structure of data and business rules developed throughout the implementation process
  • Teaching system maintenance tasks previously assigned to the production support resource
  • Creating a system to support learning with minimal future cost 


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